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Just watching from a distance..

Am super proud of you dear.

Hopefully I get to see you when I get to the US in the future.

Am guessing you got admitted to study Mathematics. Congrats on that by the way...

Wish you all the best.

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Sunshine sunshine sunshine I am so proud of you!! You never cease to amaze me. I am so excited for your half marathon!! You will rock it. And 18...wow. I can't wait to see the mountains you demolish in your 18th year here on Earth...it is actually so exciting to think about!! Love you sunshine!

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OMG you are so inspiring!!

And omg nooooo you are always a wonderful genious ❤️I love you Apoorva!

(your earings are well on there way :)

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You and Italy are so beautiful

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Beyond amazing, Apoorva! Headed to Rome in March, will definitely need to hear about some Apoorva approved spots :)

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